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The purpose of this ministry is to address the necessity of caring for our Bodies, our Souls and our Spirits. [Christian Healthcare]

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Why "Esteemed By Grace Ministries?"


Our lives are full of stress and anxiety because of the pace of this world.  Things are happening and changing at rapid speed, and our bodies, our souls and our spirits are racing trying to keep up. No matter who we are, we sometimes sacrifice caring for ourselves properly because we are so distracted by what is going on around us. The results are staggering increases  in cases of cancers, heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, migraines, indigestion, insomnia, dementia: and the list goes on. 

The purpose of this ministry is to address the necessity of caring for the  body, soul and spirit of each person who connects with us. We have all been Esteemed by Grace through the love of God, but so few of us have embraced this reality.  God's grace has redefined us eternally if we will receive the great gift He has given us through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  It is by the Grace of God that we have been spiritually recreated to be respected, admired, valued, regarded, acclaimed, appreciated, liked, prized, treasured, favored and revered.  This ministry is committed to identifying the tools we need to receive and build up our esteem in God's grace as He intended.  

Esteemed By Grace Ministries stresses the importance of :

  • Knowing God personally and intimately.
  • Knowing the Word of God and applying that knowledge to our world view.
  • Understanding that Jesus Christ has ransomed us from the bondage of sin and death to make abundant life possible.
  • Developing a faith and total trust in God which will allow us to surrender to His divine will for our lives.
  • Accepting that, despite knowing everything about us, God loves us.
  • Embracing that it is perfectly fine to love and care for ourselves as God intended.


We Address The Hard Topics

So many of us keep our deepest hurts to ourselves because our social circles do not know how to administer the comfort we need.  We are all touched by death and loss.  Many of us are carrying the burdens of unresolved grief and sorrow, which is very unhealthy.  So we are opening this website with discussions on how to navigate the grieving process.  Whether you have lost a loved one, a job, an opportunity, a pet, a meaningful relationship, your health, your youth, or your planned direction in life: grief is grief and you need to come through correctly.  Please take advantage of the Book and the Blog featured below.  Please share with us your issues and concerns, so we can address your needs. And please stay connected. We are here to serve. Blessings!

Meet the Founder

Author, Minister Vivian Renee Pittman

Minister Vivian Renee Pittman

Founder & Author

A native New Yorker, Vivian Renee Pittman currently lives in South Ozone Park. She was happily married for 37 years to her husband and friend, Jerald Lee Pittman, until his death in 2009. During their marriage they raised four beautiful children, Kenya, Jerald, Joy and Joelle. They also have four grandchildren and one great-grandson. Pittman was ordained a Baptist minister in 1998 at the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, Brooklyn, N.Y., under the leadership of Dr. V. Simpson Turner, Sr., where she held various leadership roles. After leaving Mt. Carmel, Pittman joined Humble Heart Fellowship Ministries, St. Albans, N.Y., under the leadership of Dr. Aretha Wilson, where she served as a licensed minister and Bible School teacher for over eight years. In 2015, Pittman launched “Esteemed by Grace Ministries,” a ministry that deals with the health and chronic stress issues in her community. The lack of self-care  Pittman found in Christian arenas has grown to epidemic proportions. Her own chronic illnesses forced her to re-examine what the Bible says about caring for one's own body.  What Pittman found during her studies identified a need to discuss the self-abuse that so many people mistake for "godly strength".   In recent years she has taught, ministered and counselled in various ministries, and women’s groups.    To her surprise and delight, Pittman has struck a chord with the millennial population who affectionately address her as "Mom Pittman".

The Vision of Esteemed By Grace Ministries



During my time of serving in ministry I suffered many illnesses. I was plagued by chronic allergies, migraines, indigestion, constipation, bleeding disorders, sinus infections, colds, upper respiratory infections, hypertension, arthritis...and on and on. I took these illnesses as attacks from "the enemy" and my lack of faith in divine healing, until I was unable to recover from my third bout with pneumonia. While bedridden I could do nothing but read the Bible and pray. It was then that the revelation of how I had abused my body with poor nutrition, lack of rest, and inadequate care was unveiled to me fully. Where was the love for myself? God has entrusted His image, His breath, and now even His Spirit into my earthly body but I was not maintaining the "temple" He had given me.



In my search for how to regain my health I gained a greater understanding of how stress affects our entire being. What started out as a self-help project now began to blossom as a needed ministry to others. Why do we value ourselves so little that we assist in denying ourselves the very things we need to lead the abundant lives Jesus died for us to have? Why will we assist in abusing ourselves until we are burnt out, sick and depressed? I believe that many of us have not grasped who we truly are in God. As I was praying about this under-cover low self-esteem that so many of us suffer with, the Lord said to me "You are esteemed by My grace! Walk in it." And I just cried. But when I dried my tears, I had new understanding of my purpose. It's a healing gift that I want to share with all of you. Welcome!



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