Letting Your Light Shine

“You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.” Matthew 5:14

Jesus says that we who believe in Him are the light of the world.  When I used to read this verse, I always took it as a call to measure up the standards of Christ.  These words were said to me “Get it together!  Do better with your life!  You are supposed to be an example to others!”  I was never encouraged to be the best that I could be when I read this verse.  I only felt convicted because I say my flaws, my failings and how I never quite measured up to what God was expecting of me.  Religion without a relationship with God will do that to us every time.

But Jesus was attempting to give us a God revelation as to what we carry within us!  Jesus was saying the light of God has been in us from the beginning and has never been quenched by the Father in heaven who created us in His image!  The light within us is as the light of the sun, made by God to burn eternally bright.  This is not a judgment or criticism: this is an eternal truth that we all should embrace.  Light speaks to who we are and what we are here to do in our lives.  We are all different, yet we all have the capacity to shine and brighten the path for others to follow.  Our smiles can make the difference in someone’s day.   The kindness we show to one another provokes the recipient to be kind to the next person.  The courtesy and honor we give to the infirm, the young or the elderly affect how they see the world, even as they may be struggling with life.

No matter what our current situation is, Jesus has proclaimed that God sees us as lights!  And we need to look at ourselves as He sees us so we can embrace our best lives.  The world is spiritually dark and becoming more confusing every day.  It is important that we shine as who we authentically are.  Stop hiding!  Stop being intimated about who you are “not” and embrace who you “are”!  Somebody needs your light because you were born to show them the way.  So shine!

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