Having faith in God requires us to line up our conversation and lifestyle with what we believe is going to happen. It has been my experience that:

Murmuring and complaining only delays God’s purposes in my life, because faith is strengthened by what I hear…and I am hearing my VOICE speak against what I believe God for…duh! How stupid is that?

Worrying does nothing but stress me out because it is the opposite of faith. Worrying is like trying to fill a bucket with a hole in it and being frustrated and confused about why the bucket never gets full. It is indeed a waste of energy.

Trying to figure out “how God is going to do it” is just a waste of time. When I asked my parents for something, and they told me “yes” I did not spend a minute thinking about how they were going to get it for me. Did not care how…just knew it was coming. Why do we believe in people but not in God?

Asking others their opinion concerning the things that I believe God will do is ridiculous. Why do I care what they think? Why am I making any of this their business when it is not their life? The truth is that if 99 people agree with me and one person doesn’t, I am only going to be affected by that one person’s negativity. So why am I putting myself through it?

Finally, not being diligent in reading the Bible and praying to strengthen my spirit and renew my mind daily is just crazy. Our thoughts will be the devil’s playground if we let them. Often, we are responsible for our delayed promises because God is waiting for us to get our minds right and become mature enough to handle a blessing.

I remember some years ago a man who won the lottery. His wife and his girlfriend were pictured celebrating with him when he got this enormous sum of money. (The fact that he had a wife and a girlfriend who was okay with his philandering was a red flag.)   In a short time, all his newfound wealth was gone. Why? He was not focused on how to maintain his wealth. He was not ready. He was not prepared in his mind to handle his good fortune. He was distracted by how much he could spend.  This man was immature and foolish, so he squandered money that could have made him comfortable for the rest of his life.   

I have missed many blessings and opportunities by NOT shutting my mouth AND renewing my mind, AND focusing on the only loyal, faithful and forever Friend in my life. I cannot afford to miss another. Can you?


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