Taking Time To Breathe

How often do we take time to consider our breathing?  The Scripture says that we are not only spiritual creatures, we are also breathing with the breath of God!  Our breath is the gift of life!  So many of us are not breathing properly.   We over-breathe, we chest-breathe, and we even hold our breath unconsciously.  Most of us were never taught to breathe in the way that gives us the optimal benefit for our bodies.  Consequently, we have adopted poor breathing habits which cause us to have a shortage of oxygen and energy, which is very stressful for our bodies.

How we breathe can cause our brains to work slower, as the brain needs at least 20% of all of the oxygen we take in.  Our hearts need massive amounts of oxygen to circulate our blood correctly.  Our muscles get stiff and tense up when we are oxygen deprived.  Oxygen is necessary to balance our nervous systems and loosen our airways. Lack of oxygen causes our blood vessels to constrict and our blood pressure to rise.  When we do not take the time to breathe correctly, we are waging war on our bodies.  What a misuse of such a precious gift!

So let’s begin today to consider our breathing.  

1. Breathe through the nose.  The nose has filters that the mouth does not, so breathing through our noses prevents many impurities from entering into your system.

2.  Breathe with the diaphragm.  Bring the air all the way down into your belly.  The diaphragm uses the oxygen to massage the liver, stomach and the intestines and sets a rhythm for our internal organs.

3.  Breathe relaxed.  Take the time to sit or stand erectly, lift your head and take in the breath of our Almighty God.  No matter what is going on around you nothing is worth our well-being…and our well-being is connected directly to our “well-breathing.”  

So lift your head, square your shoulders and take the time to breathe!!

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