Time To Transform

Romans 12:2 (GW)   “Don’t become like the people of this world. Instead, change the way you think. Then you will always be able to determine what God really wants—what is good, pleasing, and perfect.”

An essential part of taking care of ourselves is being careful with our thoughts.  What we think about and meditate on determines our emotional, physical and mental health.  Yet our minds get very little love and care from us as a rule.  We allow negativity and toxicity to flood our minds every day.  Our social networks (television, internet, etc.) bombard us with information 24/7!  There is news everywhere we turn…and very little of what we hear is good news.  It is effortless to be overwhelmed with thoughts that have no benefit to our spirits.  So it is vital to our well-being to redirect our thought-life God’s way.

Our Scripture points out that it is easy to fall into the superficial customs of this world.  This wisdom of this world is full of inconsistencies and instability.  If we continue to follow after this kind of thinking we open ourselves to stress, worry and anxiety constantly.  God has made it possible for us to live above the chaos of these ever-changing events of this planet in peace: but it all starts with our mindset. We are encouraged to be transformed by the entire renewal of our minds because God has given us new ideas enabling to develop new attitudes about our own lives, and the lives of others.  

One way to achieve this is by beginning each day by listing at least seven things we are thankful for!  Reflecting on our blessings produces a powerful positive outlook on life which is necessary for caring for ourselves.  Many doctors agree that patients who keep a positive mindset experience a quicker recovery.  A grateful mind is one that takes hold of the good things in life and sees the possibilities of happiness instead of focusing on the problems of the day.  As our vocabulary changes and we begin to echo what is good about our lives, we can indeed start to prove for ourselves (and to others) that God’s perfect will can bring us the joy we seek! 

EBG Community Challenge: Let’s take a letter of the alphabet each day think of something we are grateful for beginning with that letter for the next 26 days! Come on! Let’s transform!

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